Thailand’s largest animal parks

Thailand’s largest animal parks

Visit two of Thailand’s largest zoos, Safari World and Marine Park! Both zoos have a large selection of Asian and African animals, and here the children will surely thrive. This is an experience that is both fun and educational for young and old. 

Safari world

Bangkok Zoo is known for Thailand’s best animal and leisure park offering experiences for everyone. At the zoo in Bangkok, many of the animals walk freely around fenced areas, and you will see the animals up close as you drive through the park in your own car. The zoo in Bangkok has a diversity of animals, including several endangered animal species such as tigers, lions and bears. If you are in the park at a special time you can watch when the animals are fed.


This is a park with many animal species that depend on a maritime environment. The park also has different performances with the animals, and there are shows with dolphins, birds, seals, elephants and orangutans. An experience for those of you who will both be entertained and at the same time learn something new.


Here you can visit a rich maritime area with animals of many categories depending on such an environment. Furthermore, you can experience 6 incredible performances performed by stuntmen and sea creatures such as dolphins, killer whales and seals. An oasis for animals and visitors.