About us

Yoga & Meditation in the rain forest and jungle of Khaosok


Rossi Rossukol, a Yoga & Meditation Teacher or simply your “Jungle Yogis,” lives in Thailand biggest national rain forest park Khaosok in the Suratthani province. 

Khaosok Yoga mission is to offer the experience to practice Yoga & Meditation in the tranquility of the rain forest jungle, where you can join and feel the rainforest’s oxygen as you take a long deep breath in and out. Let the jungle yoga treat you, release your stress and connect to your inner peace. 

Founder Rossi is a local Thai from Khaosok, She and her family came to Khaosok back in 1993 when they were running plantations. Back then, the jungle was rough with dirt road and had no electricity and real infrastructure. It is only in recent years that the infrastructure and electricity has become more developed in and around the house of the jungle yoga Sala.

Rossi graduated as Bachelor in Hotel Management and then moved to Norway for 8 years. After coming back to Thailand, she established ThaiGuide Norway co,Ltd, ran her own travel company, guiding smaller and larger groups of tourists around Thailand. Check facebook page here. Rossi is multilingual, speaking fluent English, Norwegian and Thai. 

Since late 2016, Rossi began to practice yoga as a form of exercise and meditation. It has benefited her in many ways such as relieving stress and building up her mental strength. Moreover, she started to acquire in-depth yoga and meditation knowledge through her own study, professional training and personal practices with well-known yoga and meditation schools in Thailand.

She currently holds certificates of over 900 hrs of Yoga Meditation Teacher Training and Tibet Bowl sound Therapy.  Here is a list of her certificates below:  

  • [2017]: 200 hrs Hatha Vinyasa Yoga from Bangkok Yoga school Thailand 
  • [2019]: 300 hrs Advance Yoga teacher Vikasa Yoga Koh Samui Thailand 
  • [2019]: 200 hrs Meditation Teacher from Wat dhammamongkol temple Thailand. 
  • [2020]: 200 hrs Hatha Yoga from One Yoga Koh Phangan Thailand 
  • [2022]: Level 1 : Tibet Bowl Sound healing Therapy, Chiang Mai Thailand 

In 2019, Rossi returned back to Khaosok – the perfect place to live and teach how to live a stressless life through meditation and yoga. She has renovated the 25 years old house to become the first Khaosok jungle Sala with stunning views, tranquility and peaceful voice of the jungle.  

Yoga and meditation practice for Rossi has been a life transformation through the ‘awakening to her inner truth,’ becoming a jungle yogini, living with the soul of jungle and sharing ancient wisdoms with the world. Let jungle yoga bring you healing for physical, mental, emotional well-being.