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We offer daily classes in yoga, meditation and singing bowl therapy and Yoga retreat.

Located in the heart of Khao Sok Jungle.

Group class

Join group classes or have a private session of Yoga.

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Jungle retreat

Retreat 2- 5 days program. Are you solo or a group, we have program for all.

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Online class

Join live group zoom classes or privat zoom classes.

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Our Advantages

There are many reasons to try Yoga as a way of relaxation.

To Feel Good

Seasoned yoga practitioners say the practice makes them feel connected and aware.

For Better Concentration

Many researchers shows that doing yoga can encreas your concentration, lower anxiety, and trigger motivation.

To Enhance Your Flexibility

Yoga practice consists of gentle stretching that enhances the body’s flexibility and reduces the risk of injury.

For Balance and Strength

Regular yoga practice helps improve balance as well as strength. It makes the core strong which can prevent back injuries.

To Improve Your Posture

Regular yoga practice can strengthen these muscles and provide a confident posture.

Yoga is Holistic

Consistent yoga practice can serve to boost your physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

Plan Your Jungle Retreat

We are offering short and long stay retreats, depending on your availability.

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