Map over Thailand

Map over Thailand

Thailand is divided into 75 provinces (so-called  changwat),which in turn are divided into 5 provincial groups according to where they are located. There are also two districts with special government:

  • The capital Bangkok (Krung  Thep  Maha  Nakhon)
  • Pattaya, of which Bangkok is at the provincial level, and therefore often being counted as a 76th province

Each province is divided into districts, and the districts are again divided into subdistricts (tambon). The provinces are named after the provincial capital, so the name of each of the provincial capitals ,  mueang, is the same as the province’s; for example, the capitalof the province of Chiang Mai(changwat  Chiang Mai)  is Mueang  Chiang Mai or Chiang Mai.

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