Koh Changs tropical forest, beaches and the green landscape

Dec 28, 2020

Koh Changs tropical forest, beaches and the green landscape

Facts about Koh Chang

Koh Chang is known to be the second largest island in Thailand, but still less developed from Phuket or Koh Samui.

Here’s the size:

Koh Phuket 543 km² (Airport)

Koh Chang 429 km² (no airport)

Koh Samui 228 km² (Airport)

70% of the forest and green areas belong to the national park. Therefore, there are restrictions on what is allowed to build here. You will be able to experience jungle that is lush and green in combination with high mountains. Here there are many opportunities for hiking.

My personal “insider tips” of Koh Chang

The first time I was on Koh Chang was in 2014. Then I remember there were a couple of 7-11 shops, the roads were quite steep and difficult to drive on a moped. Lots of forest everywhere and the sea was blue with clean water.

As of 2019, I do not think there has been such a huge development on Koh Chang after all these years. You see grocery stores like Tesco, Big-C here but the mood is how I remember: Laidback and relaxing. Just like going back 2000 years, when people in southern Thailand began to notice the arrival of tourism.

Normally by bus / car it will take 5-6 hours and approx. 30 minutes ferry. The chance of having to wait 30-50 minutes for the boat at the pier is always there. From the time you arrive in Koh Chang, the hotel is anywhere from a 15 to 30 minute drive. Yes, it is a fairly long trip when you spend just over a day getting there. If you ask me if it’s worth it, I answer a resounding YES, guaranteed! But this place one should have at least 5 days to be due to long travel distance. Due to a long journey from Bangkok, Koh Chang has therefore become a little different than a typical tourist destination.

How to get to Koh Chang?

Flights with Bangkok Airways: There are 3 departures from Bangkok to Trat per day. Price of flight ticket: Approx. NOK 1,000. From there you take a taxi and half an hour by ferry to the island.

Bus from the airport Suvarnabhumi Airport is an option. The bus takes you directly to the island (price includes ferry).

Bus from Ekkamai Eastern Bus Terminal or Mo Chit – northern terminal in Bangkok: It will take 5-6 hours bus / car from Bangkok plus half an hour ferry from the mainland.


The roads of asphalt are small and crooked with many turns. Varies between narrow roads and large width. Not recommended for beginners to rent a moped to drive here. Some places are poorly lit along the way in the evening.


The best time to travel is from November to April with an average temperature for the whole year of approx. 27-30 degrees in the air and in the water approx. 28-30 degrees (Celcius)


Koh Chang has many beaches and bays that offer accommodation

White Sand Beach

White Sand Beach is a 3 mile long sandy beach. It was the first Koh Chang beaches to begin with accommodation options in the form of simple bamboo huts. Today, things have changed a lot and White Sands has more hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other tourist facilities than anywhere else on Koh Chang.

Klong Prao Beach

Klong Prao Beach is the name of the central area on the west coast and is a very popular part of the island. Here you will find everything from luxury resorts to traditional bamboo huts.
Much quieter than White Sand beach. Klong Prao beach is ideal for those who appreciate tranquil surroundings and is built so that the beach almost becomes part of the jungle.

Kai Bae Beach

South of Klong Prao is Kai Bae beach and village. The beach is a kilometer long beach that is known for the fact that it overlooks a bay filled with several small islands. A visit to the lookout point on a hill just south of the village, especially at sunset, is a must-do for visitors. This is for those who want the ultimate picture of Koh Chang overlooking the entire bay.

Lonely Beach

Lonely Beach developed as a backpacker beach, but as of now there are many large resorts. Lonely beach is not as “lonely” as it once was. Lonely beach is far south on the island.

There are restaurants, hippie bars, party places where people gather. Probably the liveliest place on Koh Chang for backpackers.

Recommended accommodation / hotels

Here on Koh Chang you will find everything from simple cabins to luxury hotels in all price ranges.

Here is my suggestion for the resort / bungalow located on the beach.

Bungalow on the beach cheap and simple.

Porn Bungalow Kai bea Beach.

They have many Bungalows located on the beach with fans. If you dream of a simple bungalow overlooking the sea.


Traditional classic Thai style Resort at budget price.

Klong Prao Resort (Koh Chang) http://www.klongpraoresort.com/

It is beautifully located on the beach and the rooms overlook the lagoon and the sea.

Luxury choice

I myself have stayed at Awa Resort several times. The hotel was completed in 2014. The rooms are quite large and the pool is nice and serviced.

Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort is located on Klong Prao Beach. This is a well known hotel chain in Thailand.

If you ask me. Koh Chang will be preserved and no major development will come here, since most of the island is the National Park.

Enjoy yourselves

Guide Rossi