Institute of snakes in Thailand

Institute of snakes in Thailand

Did you know that snakes are more afraid of you than you are of them? Useful to know if you first encounter a snake.

Snake Institute in Thailand
 – The Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute, has existed since 1912 and was established in its time as a research institute for rabies vaccine. Today, the Institute’s foremost task is to research antidotes, but it has also become a major tourist attraction.

Every day at the large open arena, demonstrations of both poison extraction and proper handling of the hoses are given. Here knowledge is combined with entertainment.

Snakes in Thailand

The institute has its own exhibition area with 35 different living snake species. In addition, there is a museum where you can learn all about snake evolution, anatomy, reproduction, life cycle and toxicology. Here is also information on what kind of first aid should be used if one is so unlucky to be bitten by a snake.